FIA Newsletter 1 – April 2015

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Dear friends,

I am delighted to introduce this first issue of FIA’s quarterly e-newsletter. Sharing information and supporting each other as artists and unions is one of our key priorities. Additionally, enhancing the flow of communication will bring greater understanding and unity of purpose.

In this issue, I invite you to read stories about some of the international and regional solidarity actions FIA and its members have proudly pursued in Africa and Latin America. On the European level, highlights include new EC-funded projects that reach out to atypical workers and the further development of a risk assessment tool for the live performing sector. World Intellectual Property Day is April 26, and opportunities and challenges abound, but we have a story that targets the specific threat the EU IP landscape is facing. We need to stay vigilant and keep reminding the international community that strong intellectual property rights are vital to performers.

Last but not least, I invite you to peruse the excellent programme for our upcoming second World Live Performance Conference. I look forward to seeing many of you in Dublin in early June! Until then, let’s live our conference motto: performing live, acting together.

In solidarity,
Ferne Downey, FIA President



Three Culture Ministers in the EU uphold copyright in the digital environment

EuroFIA welcomes the recent declarations by Culture Ministers in France, Germany and Italy stressing, among other things, the importance of copyright in the digital age, of a fair remuneration of creators and territoriality. Whilst recognising that portability of access rights across national borders must be facilitated, the three ministers underline that legitimate business models built on territorial exploitation must be fully apprehended as the Commission seeks to complete the Digital Single Market.

Regional cooperation for stronger unions in Latin America

For several years now, FIA members in Latin America have been collaborating actively to address the daily challenges performers are facing in a region presenting one of the highest levels of inequality worldwide. the FIA-LA group is also quite heterogeneous, ranging from well established workers unions in Brazil and Argentina to struggling organisations facing political and financial instability in other Spanish speaking countries.

ILO Meeting of Experts makes progress on Atypical Work

The International Arts and Entertainment alliance IAEA (made up of FIA, FIM and UNI-MEI) was represented by its President, John Smith of FIM, at an ILO tripartite Meeting of Experts on non-standard forms of employment. Its recently published conclusions agree to strengthen the ILO’s responses to precarious work.

Dark clouds loom over the EU IP landscape

Performers and other copyright owners prepare for a long fight to safeguard their legitimate interests, as the European Commission and the Parliament look determined to complete the Digital Single Market by modernizing the EU copyright system. Among the various things at stake, territoriality, as well as limitations and exceptions, are high on the political agenda.

Building capacity in Africa

Solidarity is not a term that we, at FIA, take lightly and if someone had the patience to scroll through our history he/she would find countless initiatives that give that word its true meaning: from shelter to fellow performers from political prosecution to campaigns for freedom of artistic expression; from international boycotts in support of our members’ industrial actions to relief funding for performers and their families struck by a sudden act of God, our Federation has shown many times that each and every one of us matters.

A distinguished guest for the second World Live Performance Conference

In now, less than 5 months, Dublin will host the International Federation of Actors second World Live Performance Conference. From June 4th to June 6th, the capital city of Ireland will bring together hundreds of performers, union and industry representatives from around the world to talk about major trends and best practices in the live performance sector.

EAEA Position on the TTIP Negotiations

In view of the current work underway in the European Parliament to produce a set of recommendations to the European Commission in relation to the negotiation of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the EuroFIA group, together with the European groups of FIM and UNI-MEI have brought together some key shared concerns of the European Arts and Entertainment sector.

European Risk Assessment Tool for the Live Performance Sector: OIRA II Project

Through their joint project-based work since 2012, the European social partners in the Live Performance sector (Pearle* for the employers and FIM, FIA and UNI-MEI for the unions) have successfully developed and completed an OIRA tool for the sector.

Reaching out to Atypical Workers: Organising and representing workers with atypical contracts in the Live Performance and Audiovisual Sectors

Since early 2015, FIA has started work on its European « Atypical Workers » project, in partnership with FIM, UNI-MEI and the IFJ. This project, which is funded by the European Commission, is intended to create a vital space for the project partners to engage with the challenges of atypical workers in our sector.

Creation of a European Skills Council for the Live Performance and Audiovisual Sectors

Through a successful application for funding to the European Commission, the European social partners (including FIA on the trade union side) in both the Live Performance and Audiovisual sectors have been able to build on their previous fact-finding and assessment work regarding skills development and labour market intelligence in their sectors and move towards the launch of a European Skills Council.

Hope for Greek Public Broadcaster ERT in a Climate of Uncertainty in Greece

The world was shocked by the unprecedented black-out of the Greek Public Service Broadcaster ERT on the 11th of June 2013. Despite the ongoing heroic efforts to keep the spirit and some of the functions of ERT alive, public support hasn’t always been easy in the context of a country mired in painful austerity measures and the resulting human suffering. Now, at last, there is reason to be more hopeful regarding the future of ERT.

World IP Day 2015 – Celebrating Creativity
On April 26, FIA members will publish video messages stressing the vital role of IP

World Live Performance Conference Dublin
Check the programme and find practical information on the dedicated confrence website


Capacity building Workshop in Colombia, Bogota, 6-7 May 2015
In the context of their ongoing LO-TCO financed projects in Latin America, FIA-LA and UNI-MEI Panartes will hold a 2 days workshop in Bogota focussed on strengthening workers organisations in the audiovisual and cultural sector in Colombia.

Next FIA-LA meeting will be held in Sao-Paulo, 10-11 May 2015
Delegates from FIA-LA, the Latin American group of FIA, will gather in Sao Paulo, Brazil for a regional meeting to discuss issues of common interest. The event will be hosted by SATED/SP ( Sindicato dos Artistas e Técnicos em Espetáculos de Diversões do Estado do São Paulo).

Workshop on Services for Atypical Workers, Amsterdam, May 20th 2015
The first workshop of the Atypical Workers Project will take place in Amsterdam on the 20th of May 2015. This workshop will focus on services to atypical workers and ensuring access to social rights. It is hosted by our affiliate in the Netherlands, FNV-KIEM.

Next Meeting of the EuroFIA Group: Dublin, June 2nd 2015
The EuroFIA group will hold its next meeting immediately prior to the FIA World Live Performance Conference. It will take place in Dublin on the 2nd of June 2015. All documents for the meeting will be circulated by the secretariat to group members in teh coming weeks.

FIA Executive Committee, Dublin 3rd June 2015
The Executive Committee of FIA will hold its annual meeting on the 3rd of June in Dublin, Ireland, immediately preceding the FIA World Live Performance Conference. As always, the meeting will be dedicated to FIA’s statutory business, as well as a careful review of its work programme and progress made.

Next FIA World Live Performance Conference will be held in Dublin, Ireland, 4-6 June 2015!
Live performance is the only way for the audience to really meet the performers. It allows them to share a moment and emotions that are every time unique. This is why the International Federation of Actors decided – after a successful first conference in 1999 – to focus once again on Live Performance.

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