FIA- Newsletter #20- January 2020

Newsletter #20 – January 2020
Dear friends,  

Let me open this first FIA e-newsletter of 2020 by giving you my very best wishes for the new year.

During the past couple of years, FIA took a strong stand against sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation occurring in our industry. I am very pleased to announce the publication of a FIA Manual on combatting sexual harassment. This practical guide offers resources, inspirations and recommended practices among performer unions to bring about change. Mutual respect is the way forward!

The following articles will keep you up-to-speed with some key European topics. I invite you to read about directive 2019/790 on copyright in the digital single market and about ongoing projects for Central and Eastern European Workers’ Organisations. You will also find a complete event report on the latest EuroFIA meeting held in Tel Aviv in November 2019.

Finally, a story about recent meetings and ongoing projects in Latin America. The FIA-LA regional group held its annual joint seminar with its sister federation UNI MEI in Mexico City in November 2019, which included seminars on increasing gender equality and fighting harassment. 

In solidarity,
Ferne Downey,
FIA President

LATEST NEWS31.01.2020

FIA Manual on Combatting Sexual Harassment
This new manual – Resources, Inspiration and Recommended Practices among Performer Unions for Combatting Sexual Harassment – comes at a crucial time. It is the result of unstinting work and commitment by FIA member unions to guarantee workplaces that are free of any form of discrimination, harassment or retaliation (…)READ

Copyright review winds now blowing towards the EU member States. More to come? 

The final adoption of directive 2019/790 on Copyright in the Digital Single Market has shifted the pressure onto the EU member States, who now have until June 2021 to tidy up their national legal systems and make them comply with the new European rules. Consultations with industry stakeholders are beginning to be a common feature for many EuroFIA members, who are now getting to grips with one of the most fiercely debated pieces of legislation approved during the last EU legislature.  READ MORE

Building Social Dialogue in a Changing Labour Market: Third Study Visit, Hamburg The third study visit of the EU project “Building Social Dialogue in a Changing Labour Market: Peer-learning and Capacity building for Central and Eastern European Workers’ Organisations Representing Performers” took place in Hamburg, Germany, on the 16th and 17th of December 2019. READ MORE

Meeting Report from the EuroFIA Tel Aviv, 20-21 November 2019 
The November Meeting of the EuroFIA in Tel Aviv was hosted by Israeli actors’ Union Shaham and the meeting opened with a warm welcome from Shaham President Esti Zakhaim.  It was an opportunity to present a range of new legislative and policy measures to support the working lives of performers in the country. READ MORE

FIA-LA and UNI MEI-Panartes joint Regional Seminar, Mexico City, 10-13 November 2019 

Over 50 trade union leaders from FIA and UNI MEI gathered in November in Mexico City for a joint regional capacity building seminar. The event was organized as part of a 2 year project, funded with the support of the Swedish union Teaterförbundet and Union to Union.READ MORE