Newsletter #19 – October 2019
Dear friends,  

Welcome In this e-newsletter, you will find reports about the lively and productive FIA Executive Committee meeting and working group meetings held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in early October. The EC meeting was a great opportunity to look further into how SVOD is changing the industry and challenging traditional business models. Many of these streaming services companies are U.S.-based and frequent communication among FIA affiliates will keep our global actions united. 

The following articles will keep you up-to-speed with some important European events and projects. The 20th anniversary of the European Social Dialogue celebration was an occasion to recall the highlights of the work of the social partners, ranging from their capacity-building projects, health and safety work, focus on skills development and a number of mobility initiatives in the sector.

It is with regret that I must conclude this e-newsletter with sad news: the FIA community is still mourning the loss of Dermot Doolan who passed away in August 2019. Dermot was a past FIA Vice-President, founding member and former Secretary of Irish Actors’ Equity Association, and an inspiring trade union leader who will be sorely missed.

In solidarity,
Ferne Downey,
FIA President

LATEST NEWS 23.10.2019
The FIA Executive Committee meeting: much more than just business as usual! The annual meeting of the FIA Executive Committee took place in Vancouver, Canada, on October 1 and 2, 2019. The meeting was, as always, an opportunity to address statutory business but also to look further into how SVOD is changing the industry and challenging traditional business models, compelling unions to look for innovative mechanisms to monetize the work of their members in this new environment.READ MORE

Global Diversity Working Group Meeting in Vancouver – 2 October 2019
 The FIA Global Diversity Working group (GDWG) is a thematic working group created during FIA’s 2016 Congress held in Sao Paolo, Brazil, with the aim of discussing diversity and inclusion at large. Areas of work can include gender equality, sexual harassment, race and ethnicity, LGBT performers, disabled performers etc. The GDWG met on Wednesday 2 October in Vancouver, in conjunction with the FIA Executive.  READ MORE

European Social Partners in the Live Performance Sector celebrate 20 Years of Social Dialogue The annual plenary session of the Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee on Live Performance took place on the 10th of October 2019. This was also the 20th anniversary of the founding of the committee and so the social partners decided to mark the occasion in a number of ways.  The evening preceding the meeting, Pearle*, FIM, FIA and UNI MEI organised a small gathering in the historical Kaaitheater in Brussels to bring delegates together in an informal setting to recall some of the highlights of the work done over the 20 years. READ MORE

Building Social Dialogue in a Changing Labour Market: Second Study Visit, London The second study visit of the EU project “Building Social Dialogue in a Changing Labour Market: Peer-learning and Capacity building for Central and Eastern European Workers’ Organisations Representing Performers” took place in London, UK, on the 23rd and 24th of September.

A new transition scheme for dancers in Belgium: Konvertigo About a year after the end of the EU project “Dance Futures: Creating Transition Schemes for Dancers and Promoting Sustainable Mobility in the Dance Sector”, we are happy to report the launch of a new transition scheme for dancers in Belgium: Konvertigo. READ MORE

The WIPO Beijing Treaty: a successful road from tale to reality Few performers in the FIA community are yet to hear of the WIPO Beijing Treaty, the new kid on the block in the international copyright framework, addressing a major gap in how performances are to be protected across borders when recorded on audiovisual media. Ever since the dawn of multilateral negotiations in the early 60’s seeking to bequest a minimum threshold of moral and economic rights to performers around the world, this benefit had frustratingly eluded them whenever their audio performances were captured and exploited together with their image.READ MORE

Lack of Protection for Freelance Performers from Bullying and sexual harassment in Japan In May 2019, a new harassment law was made in Japan, but only company employees are protected by it. It doesn’t apply to freelancers or to those seeking employment. In its work to document and better understand the issues of bullying and sexual harassment in relation to performers, in particular those working on a freelance basis, FIA affiliate JAU (the Japan Actors’ Union) joined hands with the MIC Freelance Liaison Group and the Association of Freelancers to carry out a survey. READ MORE

RIP Dermot Doolan, Former FIA Vice-President It is with great sadness that we announce the death of FIA’s former Vice-President Dermot Doolan last weekend following a period of ill-health. Dermot was a founder member and former Secretary of Irish Actors’ Equity Association and the first Secretary of the ITGWU Cultural Division. He was also always strong supporter of international cooperation among performers’ unions and this was reflected by his Vice-Presidency of FIA from ’76 to ’79. READ MORE