Intensive summer workshop: Physicalizing your acting


13 JULY – 26 JULY

Dear Courage Friend,
This summer ‘Theatre Hotel Courage’ organizes an intensive summer workshop Embody Your Acting and Modern Commedia dell’ Arte in Paris France, at the Lecoq Lees Studios. Open for professional actors.

The workshop consists of: 

The actor and its imagination
Embodying your emotions on the stage
Musicality and timing
Everything is play
Tragedy and Comedy
How to play with your monsters
Transformation of the actor into a character
The body of the actor

The techniques of modern Commedia dell’ Arte, a pure actors theatre
Di Trevis Director National Theatre London/Royal Shakespeare Company/Freedom Theatre Palestine:
“Theatre Hotel Courage brought a whole new level of skill and concentration to our work. The work is deadly serious and enormous fun. Katrien is concentrated, critical an compassionate. The work engages feelings way below conscious thought. I am proud to call her a colleague and a comrade.”

Theatre ‘Hotel Courage’ is under the artistic leadership of Katrien van Beurden. The company is worldwide well known for its trainings of professional actors. Internationally van Beurden and her team teaches at universities like the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in L.A. and New York, at the Toronto University, the theatre schools in Holland and the Freedom Theatre in Jenin. Worldwide they train professional actors and filmmakers in London, New York, Amsterdam, Delhi, Jenin, Moscow and more.

The company develops a tragic-comic-poetic actors theatre that is vivid and alive. Currently the company is touring with the production ‘Hotel Courage’. They tour around the world to train and create an imaginary hotel with local professional actors, theatre and film makers. In this hotel we witness people from all layers of society: managers, cooks, cleaners, soldiers, immigrants, politicians, secret lovers, people who are oppressed and others who are oppressing. Each cast from the different countries will create a piece of the hotel from their point of view on how they live and survive in the world today. In 2016, at the Theatre Hotel Courage Festival, the company will combine these pieces to create one show: “Hotel Courage”. 
Currently the company is touring to Europe, America, Palestine, India, Iran and Africa.

Scott Ripley, Uconn Universituy U.S.A.:
“Katrien is one of the most innovative, insightful and consistently effective teachers I have ever witnessed. Every student she works with has a brealtrough, in an astonishingly brief amount of time. I marvel at her unique research and methods of instruction, at her gift for seeing into each individual actor, and at her ability to tailor there process to the need.”
Van Beurden will lead the workshop in Paris together with her international cast of actors and teachers.

The fee for the two week workshop is €1300,- (ex tax)
This includes accommodation and 3 meals a day
Arrival date: 13th of July, 2014
Depart dates: 26th of July, 2014
Location: The Lecoq Lees Studios, a countryside residence near Paris.

You can apply by sending your motivation letter, resume, picture and address to:

Christopher Shaw, Pacific Resident Theatre L.A.:
“Katrien works with a unique and genius philosophy. It moves the actor out of the mind and into the body, where the universal language of acting lives
Ben Rivers, Freedom Theatre Jenin:
“This workshop offers a journey towards aliveness on stage. Be prepared to laugh, cry, sweat and rejoice.”