ITI Newsletter #28

Prize Maria Ruanova 2014
Recognized for its artistic interest by the Cultural Secretary of Argentina, the annual prize Maria Ruanova of the Argentinian Dance Council was awarded on 2014 to the dancer and Director of Theatre San Martin’s Contemporary Dance Studio Norma Binaghi for her notable career-path.

The Nordic Performing Art Days 2014
All videos from The Nordic Art Days hosted by the Danish Centre of ITI can be viewed online here:
Contact: Susanne Danig,

Operadagen Rotterdam 2014 – Opera’s frontiers pushed out & record number of visitors
Over 15 000 visitors have attended the 2014 edition of the Festival, with the special the participation of the dramaturge Brett Bailey and the singer Claron McFadden. A documentary by Christiaan van Schermbeek has been released for NTR Podium and can be viewed here: The 2015 edition will take place from 22 to 31 May 2015 with the them (R)evolution– equality and will host the next Music Theatre Now competition.
Contact: Koen Graat,

20 – 25 octobre 2014, Marrakech, Maroc – 7ème édition des rencontres internationales MaRueKech 2014
Les compagnies de théâtre, de théâtre de rue, de cirque et artistes/scénographes sont tenues d’envoyer leur dossier de spectacle avant le 30 juillet 2014.
Envoi dossier :
Informations :

September 2014, Buenos Aires, Argentina – National Dance Competition Julio Bocca 2014
All young Argentinian artists (15 – 18 years old) interested in submitting their applications are invited to send their videos for the first round selection before 28 June 2014. The final prize will be awarded in September.

Appel de Mannheim -Professionnels du théâtre, de la danse et de l’audiovisuel africains
Les professionnels réunis dans le cadre du symposium Africa Archives – Africa Future a l’occasion du Festival Theatre Der Welt (Mannheim, Allemagne, 26 mai – 5 juin 2014) font appel à tous les acteurs concernés par les Arts de la Scène en Afrique (artistes, décideurs politiques, ONGs, médias, festivals…) à contribuer au rassemblement et à la sauvegarde des archives des Arts de la Scène afin de constituer un corpus de références pour la recherche et de contribuer à la visibilité du continent africain.
Information et contact:, Thomas Engel, Executive Director, ITI Germany,

Call of Mannheim – Theatre, Dance and Film Makers professionals
The professionals who met at the symposium Africa Archives- Africa Future as part of the Festival Theatre Der Welt (Mannheim, Germany, 26 May – 5 June 2014) appeal to all actors concerned by the Perfoming Arts (artists, decision-makers, NGOs, media, festivals…) to contribute to the gathering and the safeguard of the African Perfoming Arts archives in order to build up a reference corpus for research and to contribute to the visibility of the African continent.
Information and contact:, Thomas Engel, Executive Director, ITI Germany,

29 June – 5 July 2014 – 10th International Festival of Making Theater (In.F.o.Ma.T.), Athens, Greece
Theater of Changes invites actors, directors, drama/acting school students, dancers, choreographers, singers, acting, voice and movement teachers to participate in the workshops of the 10th International Festival of Making Theater (In.F.o.Ma.T.).
Contact :
Informations :

11 – 23 August 2014, Chekhov’s village of Melikhovo (Moscow), Russia, The Actor’s Lab: The Seagull and Beyond
TELL to JOY invites artists and stage professionals to join an open workspace venue, as an opportunity to discover and learn the Michael Chekhov technique.
Information & registrations:
Contact: Viktor Melnikov,

2 – 4 November 2014, Stockholm, Sweden – Swedstage 2014
Theatre showcase for children, youth and adults, held by the Teaterunionen – Swedish ITI and ASSITEJ Sweden. Registrations (400 euros) will start on August, covering hosting for three nights, meals and entrance to all the performances.
Contact: Lovisa Björkman,

Publication du « Topique des représentations théâtrales de la République Démocratique du Congo. Fondement de l’histoire théâtrale »
Par les Presses Académiques Francophones (PAF). En vente sur internet et en librairie.
Contact: Muikilu Antoine,

The International Festival Forum (IFF) will meeting in Copenhagen on 21 and 22 of June as part of the Nordic Performing Art Days. The meeting will be broadcasted live on the YouTube Channel of Danish Centre of ITI (link here:

The Swiss Centre of ITI has a new address:
Claude Grin
6 rue Charles-Vuillermet
1005 Lausanne

5 – 7 September, Paris, France – 138th EC Meeting
The 138th EC Meeting will be held at UNESCO headquarters in Paris.
Contact: Zoé Simard,

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