Slovensko nacionalno poročilo 2018- FIA 2018 2nd

Association of Drama Artists of Slovenia

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Political Situation

Not many changes happened in Slovenia since our last report in June.  Spring elections brought 9 parties to the parliament, formation of government took over the newly founded liberal party, bargaining for political coalition has delayed deeply in September when at last five centre-left parties with the support of New Leftists the minority government was elected (the new Prime Minister is actor by profession).

The government is on power less than two months and all the vulnerable problems, including cultural policy, mentioned in May Report remain actual. The promises provided in coalition contract are encouraging, but the reaction of National Fiscal Council and the beginning of bargaining in public sector diminish the optimistic expectations.

Activities of ZDUS 

Since our last report, three important activities took place.

In the beginning of the year ZDUS has established a scholarship fund named by Jernej Šugman, who was a central personality of artistic image of Slovenian National Theatre, film maker, teacher and humanitarian. On June 19th2018, first three scholarships were presented and given to selected artists along with »Zlati Glas« (The Golden Voice) award that is given out to the professionals that make sure cartoon synchronisation standard is maintained.
Also on this day, ZDUS was celebrating its 100-year anniversary and many artists and previous representatives of ZDUS gathered on that day.

On the 24th of October 2018 another important event took place. After some years, ZDUS has helped to re-establish what we call » Actors day”, that falls under yearly Slovene Maribor Theatre Festival, named “Borštnikovo srečanje”. In collaboration with the festival, ZDUS gathered various representatives from all across the sector (employed and self- employed) and discussed the importance of the new cultural model that is being discussed in our country for a while now. It was important to organize,  at last,  debate that included representatives from the whole sector including artists and artistic managers. As written in the event invitation, the debate starting point was that the Slovenian institutional theatre has a German background but is not as flexible as in Germany (the whole ensemble stays employed when there is change of artistic director and there is little flexibility about refreshing it). On the other hand, the independent (self – employed) artists do experience “free market” consequences of what »the new cultural model« would bring, as there is precarious safety net established.  The question of the cultural model renewal is therefore a question of what kind of culture we would like to co-create at all, what sort of creative options do we give to our artists and to the other theatre co-creators and at the end of the day – in what kind of country would we like to live in. The most important question of them all is – would we like to surrender art to the market?  We also invited the representative of FIA ( Dearbhal Murphy) to the discussion but unfortunately it didn’t work out. The debate was very successful and it ended with a wish that these sort of debates become more often as this is the best way to start creating a real bridge and stop differentiations among artists themselves.

Third important activity is that we established a group within ZDUS that is working with documents and questions regarding the suggestions for new “standards and norms” in theatre. One of the approaches the group is taking in,  is creation of a questionnaire with which we are trying to take notice of the importance of a positive and healthy working climate. It is aimed at actors employed in the public sector and it deals with the two main topics- the concrete risks at work and opportunities to develop artistic creativity within the given working tasks in professional theatres. The goal of the questionnaire is to provide optimal standards for the artistic development and to encourage development of responsibility toward acting profession.

Intellectual Property

There are no major changes inSlovenian audiovisualfield. Slovenia is still EU country with the least amount of IP rights for audiovisual authors.

AIPA c.o. has license to collect and distribute remuneration just for the cable retransmission. The license to collect blank tape levies The Slovenian Intellectual Property Office(SIPO)still does not want to assign to a collective organization in Slovenia. Furthermore, SIPO in its communication with AIPA very clearly expresses its intention to revoke the licence for cable retransmission.

In September Directors guild of Slovenia presented National programme for film, 74 pages long document that analyses the condition of the film industry in Slovenia and offers 60 proposals and solutions for its development, with a detailed chapter on intellectual property, too.

The new Slovenian Audiovisual Performer’s Association DSI has been approved by the governmental administrative unit and will join the Union of Slovenian film associations in December to fight for the IP rights of Slovenian actors.


National Report was prepared by Marko Simčič, Eva Kraš and Maja Sever

National Report, November 2018